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Cherry & Maple Class

Welcome to Cherry and Maple Class

Cherry class is taught by Miss Owens. 

Maple class is taught by Miss Webber. 

Each half term, the classes will be set a homework project linked to their curriculum theme. In order to make maths fun and enjoyable, we will also send a maths fluency fact sheet home for the term, which gives the opportunity for children to spot mathematical patterns, make mathematical connections and speed up their calculation skills. They will also have a list of spellings for the term. All of the letters, which contain this information, are recorded on this page under Cherry and Maple Curriculum Information. 

During a normal school week PE is on a Friday however due to Covid guidelines, we are currently asking children to come in PE kit every day. Please ensure that long hair is tied back and that if your child cannot take out their own earrings that they are taken out before school. We will be trying to get outside as much as possible, so please ensure clothing is weather appropriate.

Your child has been given an independent reading book to read at home, which is suitable to their word recognition and comprehension skills. Please read with your child daily and record their reading in their reading record.

This Term's Theme: Incredible Illustrators.

Our Learning Journey for Summer Term 2 is Food Glorious Food.

Our theme for Summer Term 2 closely links Design and Technology and science.

In Design and Technology we will be evaluating a range of fruit salads and then designing our own. We will learn how to use a range of equipment to prepare fruit and understand good hygiene practices.

Have you ever wondered what home-grown foods might taste like? As scientists, we will explore gardens and allotments and use our observations and knowledge to create our own allotment in school. We will grow and nurture our plants and look forward to sampling what we grow at the end of term. We will explore and understand how food chains work and learn that energy from the Sun is passed through each link in a food chain.

In Writing, we are starting the term with a narrative piece using the story ‘Last Stop on Market Street’. We will then move on to writing instructions. In Maths Cherry and Maple class will focus on place value to 100, money and time. Hawthorn Class will focus on measurement, time and money.

In PSHE we will focus on the theme of ‘changing me’ and thinking about

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