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Early Years Foundation Stage & Year 1

Welcome to the Lower School Phase!

There are three classes in this phase. Squirrels’ Class teacher is Miss Owens and will be supported by Mrs Oughton and Miss Cowley. Ducklings’ Class teacher from Monday to Thursday will be Miss Donald, with Mr Biddle teaching on a Friday. Ducklings’ class will be supported by Miss Wilsher. Rabbits’ Class teacher is Miss Webber and will be supported by Mrs Stephens.

Squirrels and Ducklings will have their PE lessons on a Tuesday and Rabbits class will have theirs on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please ensure that correct PE uniform is in school on these days. Long hair should be tied up and earrings removed. A gentle reminder that layers will be needed as the weather begins to cool for autumn and winter.

Maths homework will be set termly, with different fluency facts being sent home each term for the children to practise at home. A termly project will also be sent home, which will relate to our current topic.

Curriculum homework will be sent out at the beginning of a term. It is designed to support the wider learning within the classroom and is linked to the term’s theme.

Your child will have a reading log and an independent reading book closely matched to their phonic ability. We ask that each time you read with your child at home to comment in the reading log. Reading books will be kept for 2 days so that children have the opportunity to practise reading for fluency. We will change reading books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This Term's Theme - 'What's Growing in our Gardens?'

During this Learning Journey we will be using books such as Eddie’s Garden, The Enormous Potato and Oliver’s Vegetables as a stimulus to develop our literacy skills. The children will write instructions to plant seeds and how to make a fruit salad. Year 1 will also use the story The Little Gardener as a stimulus for story writing.

We will be using our Science knowledge to investigate and explore plants. The children will observe closely a variety of fruits and vegetables, considering similarities and differences, understanding how we can keep plants healthy. They will closely examine flowers and trees, naming the main parts and their functions. In DT the children will be focusing on healthy eating and will be designing, making and evaluating their own salad or smoothie. In Maths this term Year 1 will continue to focus on numbers to 20 – ordering, comparing, writing, patterns and addition and subtraction to 20, then moving on to length and height. PSHE learning is centred around the topic 'Healthy Me' considering ways to keep healthy, safe and happy. 

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