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Oak & Ash Class

Welcome to Oak and Ash Class

Oak Class is being taught by Miss Masters with Mrs Jones in class supporting.

Ash Class is taught by Mrs Ash with Mrs Liverton in class supporting.

As each class is now having daily PE lessons, pupils should come into school with their kit every day. As we are hitting colder months, please ensure your child has appropriate PE kit and layers to wear outside.

Maths homework will be set termly, with different fluency facts being sent home each term for the children to practise at home. Times Tables Rock Star maths logins have now been sent home and we ask that our pupils engage online as often as possible. We are also providing time in school for pupils to log on to TTRS, but practice at home is just as important, as our pupils need to be fluent at recalling all of their multiplication facts for 12 x 12. Each term each pupil is expected to complete a homework project relating to our wider curriculum focus. Termly spelling lists will also be sent home, listing the spellings being taught in class weekly. Any support at home in practicing these spellings, alongside the support in school, will be really beneficial to their learning of spellings.

Reading books and records were assigned last term for each pupil. We do track and log daily reading and we do have reading raffles for our classes for our pupils who are reading at home. When a book has been finished, they should return this to school and select a new book from the reading corner. All books that are returned are isolated before being returned to the reading corner.   

This Term's Theme – Save Our Planet 

Our topic this term is ‘Save Our Planet’. We started this topic in term 4 and will be carrying it on to term 5. This term, we will be looking at land and sea for our save the planet topic.

In Learning Journey, we will begin the term by looking at art with the focus on textiles. We will observe the artwork of others who have produced mixed media textile work. We will then build on our sewing and joining skills to attach materials to each other, as part of our experience lesson. We will then design our own artwork based on animals who face threat, such as sea turtles and polar bears. Their design will incorporate the key message of ‘save our planet’, whilst enabling our pupils to experiment with line, tone and shape. Their creations will then be completed through different materials and techniques, such as sewing, gluing, cutting and folding. The rest of the term will focus on Geography and explore all things map related. We will begin by looking at climate change using various sources to gather evidence. Our map skills will then be tested, as our pupils read and analyse a variety of maps including aerial and OS maps. The maps will be used to help our pupils make an informed judgement of where housing developments should be built before creating their own development, factoring environmental issues. Finally, we will finish by looking at ways to live sustainably.

For our writing topic, we will be looking at Greta Thunberg and her persuasive speeches. Over our sentence stacking lessons, we will focus on different lenses to learn how to write an effective and persuasive speech about climate change. After this topic, we will be looking at the narrative ‘Varmints’ to see how animals change their way of living to comply to urbanisation. Through this, we will use character and setting descriptions and capture the emotions of the animals. Through each of these writing focuses, we will apply the grammar and punctuation techniques expected of Year 5/6.

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