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Welcome to Saplings Class

Saplings class is taught by Miss Mawby. Miss Cowley is the teaching assistant.

This Term's Theme - Dinosaur Invasion!

Our theme for this term is ‘Dinosaur Invasion’. During this topic, the children will engage in a range of dinosaur themed activities. We will kick off the Spring 1 term by making a dinosaur egg discovery! As a class, we will grow our own dinosaur and carefully observe and monitor it over time. The children will listen to a range of texts, such as ‘Shhh!’ by Sally Grindley and ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins. The children will learn new vocabulary that is derived from the texts and become brave writers by forming sentences based on the stories they are learning.

During our PE lessons, the children will improve their balance and movement skills by learning how to walk forwards and backwards with fluidity. Later in the term, the children will progress onto using apparatus whilst maintaining their balance.

We will continue to practise the Set 1 sounds during our phonics lessons and move onto learning the Set 2 sounds too. The children will continue to develop the skill of blending and will learn how to segment words into sounds to support their spelling. Look out for the ‘ditties’ that will be sent home with your child each day that contain short phrases and sentences. These should be practised at home with your child on a daily basis. In Maths, the children will become familiar with number bonds to 5. Number bonds are pairs of numbers that make an amount. The children will be introduced to the part whole model which is a tool used to help structure children’s sorting and supports their understanding of composition. We will continue developing the children’s counting skills up to 10. The children will learn how to recognise, represent and manipulate numbers.

During the Spring 1 term, the children will learn about Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and engage in a range of dinosaur themed craft activities.

Thank you for your continued support and please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Foundation Stage Team if you have any questions

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