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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

There have been a few changes since the beginning of the academic year; Badgers class will be taught by Miss Flavin, with Mrs Jones and Mrs Senner supporting in class. Wolves class will be taught by Mrs Young with Mrs Modern supporting your child’s learning.

Year 3 PE sessions are on a Tuesday and a Wednesday, it is part of the curriculum and your child is expected to participate fully. To ensure that your child is ready they need to have to appropriate PE kit in school. Please be aware that PE may take place out on the playground, so your child may need to have joggers and a sweatshirt as well as the usual shorts, t-shirt and plimsolls.

Homework will be sent home termly with different themes in line with our topic together with maths fluency facts and spellings which your child should practice at home.

Your child has been given a reading book to share with you at home, which is suitable to their word recognition and comprehension skills. Either you or your child can record their reading at home in their reading record book; books will be changed when required. In school we use grouped reading books, where we explore the text in more depth to develop our comprehension skills. Some of the skills practiced include exploring themes, inferring and deducing and noticing what is happening.

This Term's Theme – ‘Our World’

Our topic this term is ‘Our World’. Your child will be immersed in the story ‘’Flood”. Your child will write a Newspaper report relating to the text to include writing features such as direct quotes, alliterative headlines and formal and informal language. They will then explore writing styles such as letter writing, instructions and non-chronological reports. In As geographers they will explore the UK and Europe, finding out about the location of countries on the world map, together with naming capital cities and bodies of water, comparing physical and human features of landscapes, together with compass and map reading skills, the use of keys/legends and coordinates. In Art we will focus on drawing skills, to include the use of line, pattern and shape when sketching and shading. Your child will become habitat helpers in Science, finding out how living things can be grouped and classified in a variety of ways, using classification keys to group and identify living things and how environments can change and the impact this can have on living things. Maths will focus on measure (length, mass and volume), then money.

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