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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

This year, Foxes class will be taught by Mrs O’Neill and Mrs Cullup, with Mrs Ellis supporting in class.

Our PE day is on a Friday and is taught by Mr Butler. Please ensure that correct PE uniform is in school on Fridays. A gentle reminder that layers will be needed as the weather begins to cool for autumn and winter.

Maths homework will be set termly, with different fluency facts being sent home each term for the children to practise at home. A termly project will also be sent home, which will relate to our current topic.

Your child has been given an independent reading book to read at home, which is suitable to their word recognition and comprehension skills. They should record their reading in their reading records and change their books when required. In class we have grouped reading books, where we will explore the text in more depth to develop our comprehension skills. Some of the skills we will practise include identifying and exploring themes, analysing use of language and trawling for evidence.

This Term's Theme – 'Amazing Africa'

Our theme for Spring Term 2 continues with a Geography, Science and Art Focus. We are continuing our Amazing Africa Learning Journey.

Our study will further develop our understanding of the Geography of Africa and both the positive and negative impact humans have had on this unique continent. We will explore economy, culture and traditions including historical events such as Apartheid.

To encourage our creative juices to flow, we will recreate art in the style of African Artists such as Edward Said Tingatinga and we will develop our design skills using clay to produce Benin Art Tiles.

The science topic we are continuing is the classification of animals. We have already looked at simple classification keys to group animals. To deepen our knowledge and understanding we are learning about Carl Linnaeus and the contribution he made to identifying and naming living things. His identification of domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species is how we can name living things accurately

In Maths we are consolidating our knowledge to ensure we are SATs ready. We will focus on Arithmetic – all four operations ( + - x ÷) and the mental/written strategies that are most efficient. We will also refine our Reasoning and Problem Solving skills. To help at home it would be fantastic if you could practise times tables, telling the time and learning key facts as shown on the Maths Fluency Sheet.

In English we are honing our reading skills by understanding what comprehension questions are actually asking for. Please refer to the Reading Question Domain sheet. Reading with your child and asking questions, sharing thoughts is a definite bonus.

We are looking forward to a busy and fascinating term where we are all engaged in our learning and pushing ourselves to be the best we can be!

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